We're excited to announce that Hyperon has now become Higson

Rules Engine Technology That Supports Your Business
Behind the Scenes

Performance Meets Flexibility

Higson is a rules engine both for developers and business users who appreciate the performance, flexibility in modeling, and robust decision tables.

Hyperon is a rules engine both for developers and business users who appreciate the performance, flexibility in modeling, and robust decision tables.


Rule evaluation is extremely fast – 62 times faster compared to leading business rules engine on the market!
Higson is a part
of the Gartner Toolkit:
Decision Management
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How can Higson help your business?

A better approach to customer segmentation.

Customer segmentation is a critical aspect of any successful business strategy, but it can be a complex and time-consuming process without the right tools. That's where a business rules engine comes in.

Higson helps businesses to build highly personalized products that meet customer expectations. By leveraging the power of a business rules engine, you can segment your customers faster and more accurately.

A credit score can be used for various financial products, such as mortgages, private loans, credit cards, or car loans.

Using Higson, lenders can assess an applicant's creditworthiness by performing complicated calculations in real-time.

Higson enables developers to externalize complex business logic such as scoring rules. This logic can be modified by developers or business experts in Higson. Each modification is immediately shown in the application.

Businesses need a platform that allows employees to add all the relevant variables and data points, and most importantly, make changes to prices as soon as new circumstances arise.

A solution that can, for instance, calculate market demand, inventory levels, and seasonality, and then set prices accordingly.

Higson is an effective tool that helps companies dynamically price their products and services. Non-technical users can make instant changes to complex pricing rules. All this without having to rely on the IT department for help!

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Configure instead of coding
Replace programming work with configuration and take control over product development and deployment.
Development cost decrease
Higson decreases development costs because it supports separating business rules from the hard code and managing them through the user interface.
Structure of your business
The only rule engine with a nice tree structure for your rules. Our structure corresponds with your business, so it’s super easy to navigate and it's presented in a user-friendly interface.
Shorter time to market
With every additional product or service referring to Higson configuration, time to market shortens, because you can reuse existing decisions on tables and business rules. Additionally Higson lets you modify business rules and parameters on the fly.
Super efficient and scalable
Higson Runtime is extremely fast. According to our benchmark, even 100,000 calculations can be processed in around 90 seconds.
If you want to make sure that your changes work properly, Higson lets you check them using the tester option.
For Developers

Higson is a rules engine for developers who appreciate performance. We've conducted a series of tests to understand Higson’s efficiency.

Importantly, the solution is technology agnostic. Users can benefit from Higson’s full potential by building applications by employing Higson in any application via REST API or any JVM (Java Virtual Machine)

Focus on the challenges. Leave configuration work to business people.

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For Business

Higson enables business experts to fine-tune these rules at run-time without relying on IT support.

Long and costly delays are a thing of the past. Higson turns months into minutes by giving business users control over product development and deployment.

Respond to the market faster. Define rules in run-time without relying on IT support.

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How does it work?

To get started using Higson, you need to integrate your application with Higson. Integration can be done using Higson Runtime REST API or Java API.


Now, all changes in Higson can be made through Higson Studio.


Next, your business structure and values are available in Higson Studio which is a web-based graphical user interface.


All values and rules are updated and ready to use in the business application.


Our architects and programmers will be happy to advise you free of charge on your architecture and provide advice on best practices in using Higson.

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