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Higson is a business rules engine developed by Decerto software company, which has been on the market since 2006.

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For years we have been supporting companies in the insurance and financial industry by noticing the most common problems they face.

We know technology powers businesses, like the fuel that pushes them toward change and development. However, it can also be a blocker when reserved exclusively for those with technical skills.

Higson is a hyper-efficient solution empowering business users and unlocking their potential in technical world. It's a solution that was created to meet the needs of business users so that they can achieve their goals faster.

What's important, Higson is a safe journey during which, we will support you at every stage of implementation and after all.

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Our customers receive personal attention from the start. When you decide to take your business to a new level, we will guide you through the implementation process and we will be available to support your team whenever needed.

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Insurance Pricing Automation – Streamlining Rates in Insurance with Business Rules Engines

Insurance Pricing Automation – Streamlining Rates in Insurance with Business Rules Engines

Business Rules Engines (BREs) automate insurance rate management, enabling dynamic pricing and real-time rate adjustments. This technology increases efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction by responding swiftly to market and regulatory changes.

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