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Higson can be used to implement various scoring models. It is designed to easily handle large decision tables.

It can work as a scoring engine, offering flexibility and speed in adjusting scoring models and criteria. It enables real-time data processing and decision-making, essential for accurate risk assessments, customer segmentation, and decision automation in various industries.

The challenge insurers face today is that underwriters are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of applications that need to be processed.

In underwriting, Higson streamlines the decision-making process by allowing insurers to quickly adapt their underwriting rules and criteria in response to market changes. This agility ensures more accurate risk evaluation and faster policy issuance, enhancing operational efficiency.

Product consists of several attributes and interdependencies. The structure might include subgroups and packages within.

Higson simplifies product catalog management by updating and maintaining complex product information. It allows for swift modifications in product features, pricing, and eligibility criteria, ensuring the catalog always reflects current offerings and market conditions.

Higson allows users to create any set of reference data to use in multiple systems by API.

As a tool for reference data management, Higson ensures consistency and accuracy across various data sets. It aids in organizing, updating, and retrieving reference data efficiently, which is crucial for maintaining data integrity and supporting informed business decisions.

Higson: Key Industries

Higson has proved its usage in:
Insurance Underwriting
Tariff Management
Insurance Claims Management

Streamlining Insurance with Dynamic Policy Management

Higson transforms insurance workflows by facilitating rapid policy adjustments to meet evolving regulatory demands and client expectations. It streamlines underwriting, enhancing accuracy and reducing errors, and simplifies claims processing for better efficiency. This directly leads to lower administrative costs and a more agile, customer-oriented service model.

& Finance
Higson can empower financial institutions to
streamline important processes such as:
Product Eligibility
Credit Scoring
Data Validation
Compliance & Fraud Detection
Customer Self-Service
Cross-sell and Upsell Opportunities

Adaptive Lending and Risk Management

Higson revolutionizes banking by enabling swift adaptation to customer needs and market trends. It offers efficient client segmentation and service customization, ensuring secure and dynamic lending rate adjustments based on credit scores. Additionally, Higson streamlines key operations such as product eligibility and credit scoring, while bolstering compliance and fraud detection. This leads to more effective risk management and opens opportunities for tailored cross-selling and upselling based on customer profiles.
With Higson retailers can:

Accelerating Retail with Instant Product Updates

Higson brings a new edge to the retail sector, catering to its ever-changing nature and driving customer-centric experiences. It enables retailers to rapidly update product details and prices, ensuring customers always find the latest and most relevant offerings online. The integration of Higson allows for instant addition or modification of inventory items, aligning seamlessly with evolving market trends and consumer preferences. Additionally, Higson's capability for real-time price adjustments empowers retailers to stay ahead in competitive pricing strategies, essential for promotional events or matching market prices.
& media

Simplifying Portfolio Management in Telecom with Higson

With thousands of products, pricing plans, customer segments, distribution channels, packages, promotions, and subscriptions, keeping track of such an extensive portfolio can be daunting. Higson steps in as a powerful solution for managing these complexities. It provides a centralized product catalog, enabling telecom companies to efficiently handle their diverse product range in one place. This integration allows for seamless management of new products and variations, ensuring efficiency and agility in the fast-paced telecom environment.
& Travel

Optimizing Offers with Dynamic Pricing

Managing the intricate web of offers, encompassing fluctuating hotel rates, attraction fees, food prices, occupancy levels, and even fuel costs, is no small feat. Higson provides a crucial solution for this sector, enabling businesses to consider and integrate these myriad factors seamlessly. It ensures that each aspect of the offer is priced accurately, maintaining profitability while adapting to market dynamics.
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