Is VAT applicable to my order?

If you are a non-business customer based in the EU(European Union), your order is subject to VAT at the rate applicable in your EU Member State.

Orders are VAT exempt under the following conditions:

  • You are a company, a business client or a private consumer based outside of the European Union.
  • You are a company or a business client registered for VAT in an EU Member State other than the Republic of Poland, and you have a valid VAT ID. We verify validity of EU VAT IDs using the VAT Information Exchange System.

When do I need to acquire a license?

For any production usage you are always requested to purchase a valid Production Usage License.

Usage for the purpose of development, testing, quality assurance, pre-production is free of charge.

How should I count license cores for production usage?

Every processor core installed in servers on which Higson Runtime is deployed should be counted in while measuring license requirements.

For physical servers you should count in all physical cores. For virtual servers you should count in all virtual cores assigned to the virtual servers.

If multiple instances of Higson Runtime are installed on the same single server, either physical or virtual, you should count in respective server cores only once.

Production deployment and usage of Higson Studio does not required additional license. Processor cores that are used solely by Higson Studio are excluded from the core count metric.

My production environment expands. Can I upgrade my license?

If you bear a valid Production Usage License and require to use additional production cores, you are eligible for licence upgrade at any time. You will be requested to pay only for added cores. Payment is prorated for remaining license period.

For example:

  • You have acquired a license on January 1-st 2019 for 4 production cores - your initial bill was $4,000. Your current annual license period ends on December 31-st 2019.
  • You are expanding your license on July 1-st 2019 to 8 production cores (4 cores more). Full year surcharge for these added cores would be $4,000. However there are only 6 out of 12 months remaining in your current license period, so you only have to pay for 6 months.
  • Finally you will have to pay: 6 / 12 * $4,000 = $2,000.
  • Unless you rescale your license again, on the next annual license renewal you will be charged for 8 cores.

My production environment shrinks. Can I downgrade my license?

You can downgrade your license on next annual license renewal. Please contact Higson Sales Team before your current license period ends and inform about your new license needs.

What payment methods are accepted?

Your payment can currently be fulfilled by bank-to-bank transfer (also known as wire transfer or bank cash transfer).

Detailed bank account data will be provided on quote.

Currencies accepted are: USD, EUR, PLN.

All prices listed on this website are USD net prices. As currency exchange rates vary
Higson Sales Team will issue quote in desired currency upon demand.